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kyivstar Mobile settings | wap | gprs | mms | internet mobile free | apn | point acces

kyivstar Mobile settings  | wap | gprs | mms | internet mobile free | apn | point acces

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Getting information on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular and essential to many people. Browsing the World Wide Web, you get into the world of interesting and useful information. After all, it is very important that you learn about many developments earlier than your colleagues who read newspapers or watch TV news. «The Mobile Internet» project opens up unlimited possibilities for you in receiving and transmitting information.

General information about this service

Kyivstar GSM provides its customers with the services of wireless access to the Internet information resources, one of which is WAP service. The principal advantage of the WAP service is that you can access the specially adapted Internet pages without using a traditional set of devices: a computer and modem. Now all you need to access the Internet is a mobile phone with a microbrowser and WAP-supporting protocol.
You will receive the main information directly from the Kyivstar GSM WAP site — portal StarPort (
It is direct and simple access to useful information and diverse content.
For you — current news, weather forecast and rates of exchange, city’s maps and dictionaries, anecdotes and horoscopes, email, etc. For your mobile phone — the most popular call tunes and mobile karaoke, bright pictures and mobile’s menu design and, of course, Java-games. The simple and handy navigation system will help you to find necessary information faster than in no time. Modern colorful design will turn portal usage into sheer pleasure. If your phone does not support colorful design, you will be proposed black-and-white portal version.
Register at site, load tunes, pictures, games and collect points, for which you can get bonus and load bonus content at special price 0,00 UAH.
Enter portal from from mobile, with set up WAP, to the address
Internet access is possible due to GPRS or GSM-Data (CSD):
  • GPRS technology allows to get Internet access by means of packet data transfer. Access speed is 86 Kb/sec that is higher than while using GSM-Data (CSD). While using GPRS you pay for volume of received and transferred information/ In order to use GPRS technology make sure that your mobile phone supports it with the help of phone manual.
  • GSM-Data (CSD) allows to get Internet access by means of automatic call to provider. Maximal speed is 9,6 Kilobit/sec. Internet access session cost includes call setup charge and session duration cost.
In order to use WAP it s necessary:
  • To set up your mobile phone correctly. Settings differ for GPRS and GSM-Data technologies, so you have to decide which one you will use.
  • To enable GPRS technology, if your phone does not support it. In order to enable service call 477 (calling from mobile phone is free).


Automatic settings are possible for the majority of models.
If you could not find your model in given instructions use general settings indicated below and you phone manual.
Menu parameters
GSM-Data (CSD)
Connection type
Connection security
Data bearer
Dial-up number
When necessary
GPRS Access Point Name
for contract subscribers:
for Ace&Base subscribers:
for DJUICE subscribers:
IP address
Authentication type
Data call type
Data call speed
9201 (for the majority of models)
(for Nokia 3220, 5140, 6020, 6170, 6220, 6230, 6260, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6820, 7200, 7260, 7270, 7280, 7610;
Siemens C65, CX65, CX70, SK65, SL65;
Samsung D500 and others supporting WAP 2.0)
Login type
User name
for contract subscribers: wgprs
prepaid subscribers: not obligatory
for DJUICE subscribers: djuice
for contract and DJUICE subscribers: wap
prepaid subscribers: not obligatory

Activate service

Activate service via special USSD-request or special free-of-charge SMS-message to 100 short number:

USSD-requestSMS to 100 numberAction
*100*11*2#11*2Activate service
*100*11*3#11*3Deactivate service
*100*11*4#11*4Set up service


Kyivstar GSM networks provides WAP 1.1 support with data channel. Mobile devices provided with WAP browsers of the previous version 1.0 (Siemens S25) also supporting transmission information via other channels (Ericsson A2618 — WAP is realised via SMS), are not supported by the network.
Stable WAP-access to the Internet via GPRS in the foreign operator’s network is guaranteed only if Kyivstar has a GPRS-roaming with this operator.
In order to use StarPort service in roaming you don’t need to change the settings of your hand set. Described settings maybe used within Kyivstar network and within foreign operator network as well on conditions that the roaming agreement is concluded. Thus the session will be charged according to the rates set up by the roaming agreement. Rates in the roaming agreements differ from rates within Kyivstar network.
To avoid cases when the handset display shows obsolete information, we recommend you to regularly empty handset cache (data on the previously loaded information that provide fast access or autonomous mode). Some WAP handset models presuppose clearing cache after the forced restart of the site. For this purpose, there is a special option in handset menu «Reload page».

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