Saturday, October 6, 2012

APN Settings Samsung Galaxy S II For T-mobile US

Data apn Settings Internet : GPRS : WAP AND MMS FREE

Manually configure the APN " Access Point Name "
APN Settings Samsung Galaxy S3  For T-mobile US,Data apn Settings Internet : GPRS : WAP AND MMS FREE

  1. Go to you wireless and network settings Select Mobile Networks
  2. Go to Access Point Names
  3. Press the menu soft key and select add new APN
  4. Name: T-Mobile Data (or T-Mobile US)
  5. APN:
  6. Leave Username as Not set
  7. Leave Password as Not set
  8. MMSC:
  9. Leave MMS Proxy as Not set
  10. Leave MMS Port as Not set
  11. MCC: 310
  12. MNC: 260
  13. Authentication type: <Not set>
  14. APN type: default,supl,admin,dun,mms
  15. Press the menu soft key and save APN
  16. The New APN "T-Mobile Data (or T-Mobile US)" should now be selected showing a green dot.
  17. Press the return soft key and make sure to tick the first option "Use Packet Data"
  18. If you have followed these steps, your internet should be set.


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