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Net10 Wireless (US) APN Settings 3G and MMS GPRS Configuration

APN Settings  Internet GPRS 3G and MMS for NET10 Wireless  (US)

NET10 Wireless

NET10 Wireless  APN Settings for 3G and MMS

APN Settings for Net10  3G + MMS

NET10 Wireless   (US) APN Settings

Name: Net10
APN: wap.tracfone
Port: 8080
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port:
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication Type:
APN Type: default,admin,mms


Download APN Settings for NET10 Wireless  USA Click Here

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NET10 Wireless is a related offering, using both GSM and CDMA phones which support voicemail and text messaging at a minimum. Some models also offer Bluetooth, camera, handsfree speaker, qwerty keyboard, and wireless web.[4] The "10" in NET10 signifies that each voice minute costs ten cents (five cents for text messages), with no additional fees.

NET10's slogan is No Bills, No Contracts, No Evil. Both airtime cards and auto-pay plans called "Easy Minutes" are available. Time can be added using the phone itself ("Rapid Refill"), at the company's website, or using the Customer Care Center. Minutes from one month carry over to the next, as long as service remains active. NET10 Wireless offers business plans and international calling, and number portability is advertised on their site as being available. A $50 a month unlimited use plan is also available, this service provides unlimited SMS, phone calls (not including International Long Distance Calls, for this type of calls there is an Unlimited Monthly Plan or $65) unlimited MMS (within the United States) for only one month to the customer's account. The customer can add more than one Unlimited card and this/these plan(s) are added to the "Phone's Reserve" and is charged on the phone in a monthly basis (when the cell phone has run out of service days) automatically.


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